Saturday, May 19, 2012

NOM's Strategy of Creating Racial Backlash Against Marriage Equality Backfires: NAACP Board Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Six weeks ago it was revealed that in 2009 the National Organization for Marriage had developed a detailed secret plan to "exploit" racial tensions in the United States in order to "drive a wedge between gays and blacks." See Wilson Huhn,  NOM's "National Strategy for Winning the Marriage Battle" Appeals to Racial, Ethnic, Religious, and Political Divisions (March 27, 2012). Today the Board of Directors of the NAACP voted to officially support marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. See ABC News, NAACP Backs Same-Sex Marriage as Civil Right (May 20, 2012); Charlie Joughlin, Human Rights Campaign, NAACP Board Endorses Marriage Equality (May 19, 2012); Steve Kilar, Baltimore Sun, NAACP Votes to Support Same-Sex Marriage (May 19, 2012).

Our entire society is in transition on this issue. It is not only the President whose views have "evolved" on this question. Mine have, as have the views of the majority of the American people. We are gradually becoming more tolerant - more accepting - more willing to celebrate the unique potential of every human being.

On the other hand, the same religious and political arguments that were raised against interracial marriage and equal rights for African-Americans have been raised against marriage equality and equal rights for gays and lesbians. it is argued: "This violates traditional notions of social equality." Yes it does. It is asserted: "This threatens the existing social order." Quite true. It is maintained: "The institution of marriage will never be the same." That's right. We are moving towards a more just and more loving society, less bound by traditional racial and gender roles and less hamstrung by outmoded stereotypes based on group membership. People are people. Thanks to the nation's oldest civil rights organization for helping to break down this specific impediment to the equality of man, this particular barrier to the pursuit of happiness.

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