Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Obergefell Verses the Dissenters

Roberts just loves democracy,
So long as it works to keep him free.
Scalia now thinks gays are lovely
Forget his rants on sodomy.

Thomas thinks that slavery
Did not rob blacks of dignity.
And Alito delivers a homily
On the way marriage used to be.

Is their opposition due
To fears that they might be gay too?
To those who worry this might be true,
I'm afraid I have some news for you!

Or is it based on gender role?
Men sweat but women glow?
Is it a matter of control?
Man on top, woman below.

Will these dissenters consecrate
A desire to discriminate?
Do they dare insinuate
That Jesus taught us how to hate?

The Constitution's polity
Guarantees our liberty.
Obergefell's finality
Establishes equality.

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